Depending on your number of employees and specific corporate needs, we will build you a customized yoga program.

Programs can focus on:

Stretching, relaxation, strength building, breathing, meditation or a combination of your choice.


Company Benefits

                    • Reduces Health Care Costs
                    • Increases Profits
                    • Decreases Employee Conflicts
                    • Motivates Employees to work              
                       to their highest potential
Employee Physical Benefits

                      •  Improves Strength & Flexibility
                      •  Increases Energy
                      •  Helps Carpal Tunnel Pain
                      •  Reduces Back and Neck pain
                      •  Reduces Headaches
                      •  Promotes Weight Loss
                      •  Boosts Immune System

Employee Mental Benefits

                      •  Increases Creativity and Focus
                      •  Decreases Stress, Enhances Clarity
                      •  Improves Overall Performance
                      •  Improves Communication Skills
                      •  Promotes Overall Sense of Well-Being
                      •  Cultivates Leadership and Teamwork