Community Meditation

Every Tuesday at 6:45pm - Free for everyone.

Meditation at the Yoga Center is our gift to our community.  It is a time and place for the beginner who has only read or heard about the practice and for one who has practiced meditation before.  Our community offering began in February 2006, serving parish residents, visitors here for business or leisure trips, and national volunteers who assist in hurricane recovery

What do you do:


  • Arrive quietly a few minutes before 6:45 in order to get settled.

  • Bring a firm cushion and a mat.  Chairs are provided for sitting if you wish.

  • Turn off you cell phone.

  • Sign in on the counter.

  • Remove your shoes.

  • Come into the space and quietly place your folded mat on the floor with the group. Use the firm cushion to support your hips.  Or set up a chair with the group if you prefer.

  • What to expect:

  • A chime three times begins and ends our session.

  • Introduction of meditation and sitting for those new to the practice, reviewing alignment, comfort, breath, and present-centered awareness.

  • Exploring other meditation choices like walking, eating, visualizing, using mantra, or being guided during periods of 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Concluding with the loving kindness meditation and the chant for the well being of all creatures.

  • This is a gift from Yoga Center, or you may leave dana (appreciation or donations) in the basket.

  • Join our tradition every Tuesday @ 6:45 – 7:30pm.

  • We are beginners each moment of our life journey.

  • We are what we seek.

  • Practice stillness on and off the cushion so that stillness can be available to you.

Susan Kelso PhD, RYT 500